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  1. Cognitive. Dissonance. Two or more conflicting beliefs. People have been bombarded with antilogic from the beginning. How close is cognitive dissonance to hypocrisy. I believe one way here, until it comes to self application. We have raised several generations that believe it is wrong to hit each other, now it is unless I call them a Nazi first, then it becomes acceptable. We have a generation that played video games, instead of cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. We bought the disinformation. We believed the good guys won, got elected, or became police officer. They learned thugs got money and power, and Stars without morals deserved to be emulated. We have all been led to believe that we are part of a herd, and posess no power, and are only here for the good of the herd. Few grasp the concept that in democracy that 49% are ruled by 51%, in a constutional Republic, we rule ourselves under a specific set of rules. The brainwashing is almost complete. We are being fed lies, and the only thing the other side knows is that if we don’t like it. It must be bad for all.

    We are being told that the greatest religious moral experiment on how to govern a country was all a big mistake. All the prosperity accomplished should be given to our enemies, who hate us, wish to own or tax our existence, and turn their ideologies into ours. History proves the impracticality of this.

    A woman’s right to choose means what?? She chose to have sex with someone whose children she does not wish to raise. She could have prevented this in how many ways? Now that a living human being has been created, she chooses to uncreate it. If the state told her she had to bear it first before termination, how many would take this path. Would any volunteer for any of this evil process as a sacrifice to some evil deity, how many would rethink.


  2. It was the same subject, but I strove for a little different angle. I had a bunch more closer to your theme, but I got off track and give up. Sometimes comment sections are where it’s at. The subject gets a broader perspective the more points of view.


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  4. I never even mentioned the villiage thing or Islam. The little h villiage thing is alive and real, growing in the background. The State now determines that what rights you are allowed for yourself and your children. Sign up for assistance and all vaccination must be up to date. In Foster care you cannot let babies sleep with a blanket. Discipline is not allowed, and your bodily fluids will be used against you during pregnancy, and the State will be right there upon delivery. Get a cannabis medical card, and the Gestapo wants your firearms. Remember, it was Hillarycare first


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