wild grapevine

the wild grapevine is a page for tributes, dedications, and honors for special people that are with us now or waiting ahead


i remember you

Bondo’s tribute to my loved ones who went ahead in 2018. My dad Victor Bond, my brother Ben Bond, our neighbor Marilyn Tracy, a friend from days gone by Jose Mireles Jr., our beloved Chewy, and three adored chickens- Big Yella and the Sisters.

I remember you.

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Cherish them while you can. Know that they are waiting and remember you!


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goodbye old friend

Dedicated to Chewy

What is a dog that leaves the world a better place?



What is a dog? Canis familiaris, domesticated wolf, man’s best friend.

My daughter brought Chewy home from a friend when he was a puppy. He soon earned the name as he did indeed chew up many things including shoes, toothbrushes, clothes, electronics, books… if he could chew it, he did.

We returned home one evening and the red leather sofa and love seat had been completely stripped bare of red leather. It was quite an impressive destructive feat. Chewy!

We made it through the destructive years, the aggravation and resentment and loss of personal property- those memories fade and are replaced by the love and loyalty and companionship moments.


People have all sorts of opinions about the soul and essence of a dog. Some say the animals have a soul and go over the Rainbow Bridge. Others say, no, intelligent animals, that can be trained, that is all. Dumb animals. That was an attitude of mine quite often, through the years. Chewy helped change that, to see some remarkable things a ‘dumb animal’ could do, which made me realize an allegedly ‘intelligent person’ could do better. Sounds alot like saying he made me a better man.

When you were happy, Chewy would rejoice with you. It did not matter what vain and silly moment had brought this joy to his owner- the only thing that mattered- was that you were happy. It did not matter to him what exaggerated temporary crisis was causing you grief and tears, the only thing that mattered to him was your grief and tears. He only cared about the things that really mattered- how you were, the state of your soul. That is quite a lesson to learn.

Chewy gave us love, loyalty, comfort, companionship, kindness- all unwavering. I believe these are gifts eternal.

Many things are done and said for a good man. Tributes and statues, books and poems, honors and memorials. What do we say for a dog that leaves the world a better place?

He was our friend. Goodbye old friend.  Until we meet again.


Proverbs 12:10- A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

the wild grapevine

Dedicated to my brother Ben:

wild grape

The wild grapevine grows in the forest. We are all branches on the wild grapevine.

Many branches spread forth bearing fruit- grapes of green, red, white, purple-to the delight of those creatures that find them and to the glory of the whole wild vine.

Other branches spread forth and bear not fruit, but rather array themselves with great leaves- fuzzy, thick, broad- so that the whole  vine may receive the light that makes it live.

Other branches grow thick, twining about the shrubs and trees of the forest, so that the whole vine may be supported and secured, lest it tumble down and the fruit be spoiled and the vine trampled.

Still other branches fall into shadow, and wither. If too many are darkened, the whole vine is in peril:

Lastly, there are wandering branches. They spring forth from the vine, to find a new place in the sun. They do not do this for pride or arrogance; but rather out of reverence and wonder. Some spring too far and are broken; others find themselves amongst briars and noxious vines and are choked out.

But behold! A wandering branch has found a new place in the sun!

And the whole wild grapevine is made greater.