Bondo reads:

Bondo reads: (in no particular order)

Zero Hedge  Zero Hedge is operated by the nomenclature ‘Tyler Durden’ from Fightclub, the Brad Pitt character. To those used to CBS and Yahoo!, Zero Hedge is a shock. They do not censor comments (or headlines). Zerohedge reposts articles along with a link to the original. This is good in that you are able to read many of the stories that otherwise you would have to have a subscription to read.

Alex Jones’ Infowars  Alex Jones is controversial. He has been banned from every major social media platform- and if you link too Infowars- you will be banned too. Try it if you dare. There is no doubt he is a salesman, which means some things tend towards sensationalism. But, as Joe Rogan found out one day on his podcast- he is right about, or has evidence of, everything that he reports. And he gets misquoted a lot.

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog Top-notch guests and opinion from the new media. Greg has a lengthy resume from his days in the MSM and is able to bring in quality guests.

Armstrong Economics  Martin Armstrong is brilliant about a lot of things and on the financial side, he offers a lot more than most- for free.

OmegaShock  Great commentary and opinion based upon the Bible from Brother John Little. He also links to the most important and relevant articles from the week.

Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis  Clyde uses comic book illustrations and Goth themes on the site, so it will put some off right away. He also chases paranormal. This is ‘alternative media’ no doubt- but there are good topics presented regularly, which are a written summation of each day’s topic on his successful radio show. There is nothing wrong with having access to all good information.

Information Liberation They have good political articles here which seem to be of a conservative slant for those who still enjoy that sort of thing.

Vigilant Citizen Once again, you may think- too weird to be feared. The folks running this site understand occult symbolism and they are legit- in that they don’t manufacture or ‘interpret’ vagueness. They point out the occult in popular culture that is blatant- and you will be shocked to see how prevalent and in your face it is.

DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo is a search engine. Truth be told, in alot of ways, Bing and some others are better. But DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you, and they provide a privacy score for every site you visit. And Google is evil.

The Gateway Pundit Conservative news and politics

DC Clothesline Hard-hitting

Grabien News The news in video clips

American Thinker

The Rutherford Institute

Black Pigeon Speaks- YouTube

Black Pilled- YouTube

Bible Online Bible in multiple translations

Kitco Metal prices and real time charts and graphs from the markets

Louder with Crowder Conservative news culture and politics

Campus Reform News from college campuses

Nexus Newsfeed All the news thats fit to link (alternative)

World Net Daily World net daily- one of the originals with a Christian bent

Tracking the Leopard Meroz tracking Christian fraudsters

Many more too numerous to list. Many will appear in the weekly Bondo’s News of the Week- In Links (every Satuday).


and special mention: these two videos are indispensable in understanding where you are. They are well worth the time. Be warned! Youtube will make it difficult for you to watch the second one.