One comment on “submit

  1. Yield, bend, compromise, capitulate, surrender!! Your life, your soul, or your money! It belongs to the kingdom now, your wife, daughters, and sons are now collateral, buy sell or trade, secure your good graces in the kingdom, and get paid in the process! (Sound like slavery). Toxic males now own it all!! You think Christianity was bad?? ROFL. Wait until you finally tick that bunch off.. imagine slavery on a hog farm.. don’t behave, hawg food. We are the dogs and swine, and we are not the ones chaining up children for old men’s pleasures, more than one serviceman has gotten in trouble for despising that practice. Hollywood and politicians want our guns, because we teach our children to put down rabid varmints Like this. We have too many people thinking lying acumen are telling the truth. Some jerk from hollywierd says the stupidest thing possible, and then gets several new movies coming out. Follow the money!! Robert deniro says f Trump, and nothing happened. Why didn’t we give him the Dixie chixie treatment. We coulda had a big bonfire making sure our movies we liked with him in them were never seen again. Robert D who??? Not standing up, speaking out, and saying nothing, is almost the same thingas submitting. Saudis Arabia have been making American textbooks for years. Some one has been submitting on our behalf for years. Sun Tzu says know your enemies. It would help to know who is moving down the block .


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