6 comments on “a fleeting glimpse

  1. Pinkus Floydicus!! Why is it relating to music represented in each of our lives in different ways. The Times,places, and feelings. It may not be good music, it may not be bad music, but in my life it is like a timetable, finding me about how I felt about something at a particular time. I had a particular fleeting glimpse at one time in life, but it weren’t about Heaven or anything wonderful. to be continued


  2. I was partying at a friend of mines house and his little brother and friend were there. It seems like the stupidist thing that could have come out of my mouth, did. It seemed like the earth stood still, it seemed like GOD just walked through the room, and just shook his head or something. Like I just earned that bolt of lightning from heaven, and the moment was deafening, and nothing happened at all. Less than two years later, the balance became due, and I would be forced to live out those foolish words for the rest of my life. GOD is not mocked!! Be careful for the words of your mouth, for GOD might make your most foolish words come true. That fleeting glimpse of that moment in time haunts me still.


  3. The Evil has been alive and well in the music as far back as it goes I imagine. We are getting a glimpse of where it is taking us. Ozzie Osborne fans have no clue about the TRUTH of GOD and the devil was a very strong message in BLACK SABBATH music.


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