2 comments on “30 days to forgiveness

  1. Amen Bondo, amen!! What great blog post today. A reminder to us all that true peace comes from forgiving those who have wronged us. I pray this helps us all remember the words of Jesus when we come to Him in prayer asking for His forgiveness when we stumble. I can relate to you 100%. It took a very long time for me to forgive my mom, but the Lord helped me with this and restored both of us in the last 5years of her life. She passed away last year in September from cancer at peace with her choices in life and most important her restoration with her children, me and my two younger sisters. All those years of bitterness gone just by forgiving with the help and strength of Jesus and His words. My mom through Jesus was able to forgive herself she too was an alcoholic through our childhood and was not a good mother to us. But Jesus saved her and all of us and those past sins are forever cast out. On her last breath I read to her her favorite psalm23 and she gave up her spirit to our Lord and i know that we will see each other again. I know pride keeps us from forgiving but Jesus takes it away when we ask Him. God bless your sponsor Bondo, and God Bless you!
    In his name,
    Shannon B from north county San Diego.


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