4 comments on “America’s next Civil War

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  2. It says there, but I can’t find it. War started long ago IMO To me this all seems like theatrics. We waited decades to cover one inch of ground against all the ludicrous inane liberal policies being shoved down our throats. DT shows up and brings common sense with him?? Every rabid minority is getting their comeuppins, and they are livid, while enemies have been created and imported to fight against common sense. We pulled these operations in every country regime change took place. Combatants have been placed on both sides, and DT has been given the music, and is conducting the symphony. DT as president was assassinated on the Simpsons over a dozen years ago. Next we have mike pence and Nance pelosi. Either of them will start a war, while Red Flags are carried out everywhere they got a foothold. Pence is getting coverage over Satanic pedophilia in Indiana, and Pelosi corruption will never see a day in court. Every day it is more corruption on display, and we are reduced to 3rd world status, and swampwater is so murky we will never see the the attack until it is too late. We will be paying for escorts and armoured vehicles for politicians real soon. We are being led down the primrose path, and all it took was following common sense.

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