4 comments on “the sickness of spielberg, Indiana Jones was a pedo

  1. I been thinking about writing a little something about what kind a gal might look for in a toxicly masculine husband material type of man. Then it comes to something like this article, and my only toxicly masculine response, is why can’t I just put down varmints like this. I got to the part about she was 11, and I quit reading. There is a pit in my stomach, and I try not to read very much of it, but the prevalence of it makes it hard to remain unscathed. The Texan I told you about works with these kids and posts horrible things like this a lot from the victim standpoint. A gal could probably do well to find a man that has compassion for children and animals, and absolutely no compassion for monsters such as this. Society would condemn such things, but more than jury of ones peers have understood justice.


  2. That wasn’t quite my definition of toxic masculinity I was trying to convey. I was referring more to my (toxicly masculine) opinion on such monsters as this. My TM attitude in dealing with people like this. Society is starving for masculine qualities and judgement. Our younger generations have been feminized to the point that when Society refuses to carry out proper judgement the people mourn. When some monster takes indecent liberties with a child, punishment should be swift and complete. Compassion should be reserved for the victims not perpetrators. Justice doesn’t care if this is a preacher with kids and a congregation, loving wife, father and blah blah blah!! Bribes and every other excuse mean nothing to blind justice. Now we need men to carry it out. We stopped purging monsters from our society, now we make excuses for them. When weed dealers spend more time in prison than sex offenders we have a distorted sense of justice. We have traded our sense of justice. People like us with a rigid senses of right and wrong are considered toxicly masculine. Well I can own that. I wouldn’t even blink catching some monster in the act of some heinous crime. Protecting widows, orphans, and children’s faith is high on our list of priorities. We as a society are on a perilous path, and men that are men is every societies hope for their futire


    • I was kind of playing on words how things are always the opposite of what they say. But, you’re right. The kind of man- Real Man- that would whup their arse for messing with kids- they call toxic.
      toxic masculinity vs. toxic perversity.


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