5 comments on “War??

  1. i think its becoming fairly clear that venezuela is in the on deck circle. While we’ve been trying to run the middle east we forgot about the monroe doctrine- so did china and the russkies.
    They have been talking about hamas coming through venezuela for 15 years now at least. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, yet it still does.


  2. I hadn’t heard about Hamas yet. Sanctions started in 14. The Elites absolutely hated Chavez for throwing out big corporations they had all kinds of stuff for the people, and the CIA, SOROS MONEY stirring things up. High impact flix is mocking the media coverage of this big-time. Starving Emaciated children over here, but when you look at the protesters, there is not one skinny emaciated face in the crowd of protestors smiling for the camera. Whatever the media says the facts look wildly opposite. This is serious JUNGLE down there, against a lot of well trained fighters that want nothing to do with big corporate USA and slave labor like they had with the corporations. This is going to be a costly venture, and it sounds like the mercenary recruiting is starting in NE Colombia now, so that is probably going to start in NW corner of Venezuela. They have about a million milita, and that isn’t counting the army. Let the fun begin.


  3. 10 steps to understanding what really happened in Venezuela Florida Maquis on YouTube!! Check this out, I hope you link it if you like it. He is posting every day. He seems quite sharp to me!!


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