3 comments on “Bondo’s News of the Week- In Links 2-2-19

  1. Does this world seem to be getting sicker in a hurry?? In a hand basket!! Hey check out Hnewswire, and 127.org. I can hardly bear to read some of this but Stevie Ray Hansen is one of your fellow Texans. I would rather dispatch Evil child exploiters than read about theirbEvil deeds. I couldn’t do law enforcement, too many of my prisoners would have accidents. But before VALOR RIDGE FORGING PAST THE PRESENT the enemy within. See if those get a search on YouTube I was intrigued! Stay well, I have been soaking up this madness all week, I did vigilant citizen so far, and I have already several other of your headlines already. The world and USA get sicker by the second. GODSPEED, you are doing excellent this week. John came off a little bit lighter this week, and commenters were keyed up! ROFL!


  2. Hey I found this guy last week. Florida Maquis on YouTube! This is all over the Venezuelan thing big time. War be drums are beating wildly here, and he is telling us about the propaganda machine. This is going to be a world of HURT!!!


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