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  1. ACCEPTANCE!! This seems to be a favorite subject these days. It is what it is. I have been having to remind my kids of this incessantly. My memory has abandoned me, but I still remember page 449 in the big book. I can remember only a fraction of the paragraph. It’s when I let a person place or thing have control over my thoughts, and refuse to accept and put it in proper perspective, (your problem, my problem, whose problem) can I move on peacefully. I later learned this was right out of Psalms. I am finding out later in life that “waiting on the LORD NB is pretty much where changing anything gains traction. My wife just reminded me that a year ago we were heating water. I believe seriously need to be logging these things in print, because a lot of this complete madness, and truly MIRACULOUS!! Having any and everything (almost) stripped from grasp, acceptance of life and circumstances is all we can do. JOB accepted his circumstances, he grovelled and complained some, but denial was not an option. Life is full of trials and tribulations for us all and times of ease makes us complacent to just how fragile and uncertain life really is. People that refuse to accept that GOD exists are in turmoil when life and the TRUTH are beating the DEVIL (HE__) out of them!! Acceptance of the TRUTH of things is what frees people of the idolatry and be addictions that don’t ensnare them with the first encounter, but the excuses and untruths that develop into destructive patterns. TBC(gotta run a sec)


  2. Having worked the AA program for many years, I got to know it pretty well. We take simple truths discuss them incessantly, and start applying them to our minds and lives, and we learn to use the TRUTH as a coping mechanism. Simple things Don’t drink today, easy does it, are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, LET GO LET GOD, etc. I did find some flaw, but a bolder thing jumped out at me over time. JESUS SAID” I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO MAN COMETH TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME”!! This got me thinking. HE IS the TRUTH. Plain and simple!! Wherever you find TRUTH, there HE IS. It is no wonder that program works it has JESUS smattered all throughit MN
    , it can’t help but work. The program was designed to take in anyone that walked through the door, with or without GOD, SUBTLY putting them on the path to JESUS without them ever knowing. A lot of the ones that develop years of sobriety do become God fearing religious people, some dont, but the TRUTH can and does set you FREE!! HEAVEN IS THE LIMIT. ETERNALLY!!
    We learn to accept who and what we are. We take broken selves and admit our control isn’t working well. We take a courageous steps to give up our control to a higher power than self, and seek TRUTH. We attain wisdom from seeking TRUTH, and develop discernment between good and bad choices by understanding
    where the truth represents itself great and small me. If anyone wants knowledge, wisdom and understanding, read PROVERBS!! 31 CHAPTERS one for every day of the month.


    • I owe my life to AA. They showed me a way to get sober when everything else had failed. I learned how to stay sober thanks to the program. And for these things I am eternally grateful and will never forget. I recommend it to anyone who has a problem with alcohol. Thanks for commenting sir.


  3. I worked the people program for about 20 years 16 years sober. They consider me a graduate. I know the program works well if you work it, and I have quite a bit of time in it. Battling chronic pain, doctors, controlled addiction, Without Pharmaceuticals, it has major medicinal benefits, but very short term. I have been dependent on something for pain 40 years this June, even if it’s just aspirin. The key is moderation, and control. When I got baptized it seems like sobriety got many times easier. I knew the LORD was always there, but when I could get no help from Doctors i about drowned myself and mucking up fast and picking up speed. Severely disabled and in prison was not the life the Lord had for me, I just had to prove it, and I did. I still carry old habits and proclivities toward alcohol,


  4. Yes I teased that demon long enough that it knows my name well. Surrendering to drunkenness is not an option, it’s not all that

    much fun, and my health can not afford to tease it. It always seems like a controlled experiment
    I still think that I should be going to AA, I know the program well, besides I need to rememorize the twelve steps and traditions. Since I think of it, I chaired a LOT of those meetings. GOD has put me where he has put me, and miraculous things continue to happen. I stand in awe of the life that I have been given. The power and perfection he uses on everyone around me is beyond perfection. We are all sinners, and the people around us have to see it. It is the subtle humility that we aren’t afraid to say where our strength comes from, and thank him out loud for the gifts we receive. AA is a wonderful subtle path to the truth. Once the people manage to grasp and develop a manner of living that DEMANDS rigorous HONESTY, it is all up from there. It probably saved my life as well!!


    • It’s a wonderful program and I feel like Dr. Bob and Bill had a lot of help from upstairs. Their knowledge of alcoholism (the first to really recognize it as a disease), human nature, addiction, and spirituality together is amazing.
      Everyone has a calling. I understand why they chose the secular God- ‘Higher Power’- but it becomes very obvious right away they are referring to God. But it is definitely not a religion or church and is not intended to replace one.
      For me, eventually it became a tool in my Christian tool belt.


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