3 comments on “the devil went down to Bay City

  1. You keep talking about these things, and yes I have come across some very evil people. writing on a phone pains me immensely. My thoughts are here and gone at 20 Wpm as opposed to 45. Not to mention all the corrections. I am still utterly amazed how I was steered away from my talents to be doing other things. I willn the fifth grade I realized that I had a musical IQ of 146, and no one made any kind of deal of it. I had all the tools and talent to be a rock star, but when I tried to pursue it it was a ridiculous flop. What I have learned of this now it is obvious that EVIL would have taken me over in such a corrupt industry. My Constitution might be weak, but I still had a moral compass I don’t think I would have tossed morality just for stardom. They could have fed me the drugs, but perform certain acts against conscience, NEVER!! So life refused that direction. I have been starting a couple stories on strange events, but it is like a book all being ” one thing leads to another”! Like a continued string of madness that nothing seems to curb stop, or help. WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE!!


    • It is said that we won’t be tempted more than we can resist. That’s a pretty keen insight into the music industry not being meant for you.
      I have found that writing is enjoyable, I hope you are able to get your stories down.
      This is the last post about the demons. I will be back to normal weird stuff next week.
      Thanks for commenting Someone. I appreciate input from readers very much. You are not alone in feeling caught in a string of madness, I can promise you that.


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