2 comments on “Bondo’s News of the Week- In Links 12-22-18

  1. Hey, was that wonderful or what?? Inoperable brain tumor just vanishes!! People act astounded that the MSM would even cover this, but when you read it, it’s like it’s all maybe, kinda probably a big mistake. They don’t want to talk about it, but it IS news, so they have to. There is like absolutely no emotion from the author. As with any limited hangout they will talk about just once, and it will fade into obscurity. If this child then goes on in life and does something great, it will be like, “oh yeah, wasn’t this the kid that supposedly recovered from an inoperable brain tumor, oh was that the one?”. Silence!! Check out that magazine cover! The elephants tusk is an arrow, there are ballot boxes, the dude with the outstretched arms has weed in his upper right hand with a tattooed forearm, (is that the mark) baseball in lower right hand. Virtual glasses, upper left hand a cell phone, lower left has scales of justice weighing people. Not to mention all the personalities on the page.


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