3 comments on “Get ready

  1. we gots a guy here thats been hollerin kill whitey for twenty years now. he’s one of them new islam nationalists if you know what I mean. they give him a spot 5 days a week on Fox26 news to comment on the issues.
    we’re going to hear alot about “commonsense” gun regulations thats for damn sure. all these ex-military with the ptsd better keep that on the dl. they ARE going to take everybody’s guns that has a ‘mental health’ issue. Good post MM


  2. This is what RUSSIA did! All it takes is a mental health diagnosis and off you go. Anyone who doesn’t like the flavor of the week and anyone that would rather not, will face a new disorder concocted by the weekend. Everything that goes with muslim culture will be blasphemous. Rape bad! Mental illness! Slavery! Wife beating! FGM! Everything will be diagnosed!!


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