3 comments on “God be merciful to me a sinner

  1. This is because human nature. The story where the line where if your son asks for a fish you wouldn’t offer him a stone. I think it might address part this in the first part. (Memory thingy). Vanity, all is vanity!! Self importance and arrogance are a sinners nightmare. It is like how can people miss the obvious! Can’t they see how goofy this. Are they really that slow, dumb, moronic, etc!! The trick here is “DO NOT BE DECEIVED!! We haven’t walked in their shoes, but according to me, moi, self, yes some of them are. What might be obvious to me, some people may not even think of or fathom. Therefore keeping my arrogance and megalomania in check, I have to remember some people had no one around to knock common sense into them. I just have to remember they don’t have to live up to my standards, I do! Watching the decline in moral standards, education, and common sense decline in the entire population is disheartening. The madness that has come my way, amazes me how smart I used to be before life got ahold of me. I still have a couple smarts left, but the amount of IQ points I frittered away, let alone what trust in my medical professionals cost me shames me still. I am back to trying to deal with Drs. again. The arrogance and ignorance of these educated professionals literally blows my mind. Believe me, telling these people just how they sound to someone that can repeat what they just said is probably not in my best interest. It literally amazes me still how much GOD can accomplish with simple sinners. I struggle every day with the fact that my inventory is the only one that matters.


    • that is one of my favorite Bible quotes “vanity, vanity, all is vanity.”
      once I figured out the only person i could change was me, my life got a lot simpler.
      thanks for commenting mangledman


  2. I had to read it again, and it struck me again that the sermon JESUS is giving them is how we ARE supposed to love the ones that don’t love us. I will try to go find it.


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