4 comments on “viva las vegas

  1. I think there was a much bigger body count than what you mention. I think it had gotten to a half dozen or so. There is also people who witnessed Paddock, and some things that one would say if they were going to pull off a major crime. It did not sound like he would even be leaving Vegas. There was even a picture of Paddock sitting in the Casino after he was supposed to be deceased. Not quite HOLLYWOOD, but quite close.


  2. Yes, it was a BETA test, but as far as failed as usual, this can go both ways. Yes, we failed miserably as far as anyone waking up, keeping the debate going, and keeping this subject in the limelight, demanding answers and not letting this become just one more limited hangout, before the riots in France, Paradise lockdown, lack of bodies, and weather warfare fiasco that is going to come next. There we failed!!

    The other direction, WE PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS!! The conditioned masses just nodded and moved on, no matter how many corpses we had to step over. There is major internet silence over how many people are truly missing in Paradise. I heard one guy say of a burned out car, this woman here did not survive because she had to put her makeup on after he had warned her. Only a few people are talking about the massive military lockdown, before bodies and pets can be located. There are a lot of people unaccounted for.


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