2 comments on “Military warns EMP attack could wipe out America, ‘democracy, world order’

  1. Yup still the pessimist! Why are these BOZOS singing this song now. There are people been trying to keep the spotlight on this, little while, long while, and someone is bringing it up again. We heard it constantly back when Trump was taunting little rocket man. Things are quiet, so military commander is bringing it up some more. Why is this, why now? You want to talk about bizarre? Let’s build a perpetual energy generating station that has a very real possibility, of creating an EMP. In case of an outside EMP, we prepared for nothing? Now in the case of an outside EMP, our geniuses didn’t even bother with being able to have electricity to run the
    pumps to keep this thing cool. We have an outside set of diesel generators to run the pumps to to keep this thing cool. This reactor is going to keep reacting. This thing is creating enough energy to light up cities, they won’t be able to run a dropcord. This reactor has to stay running, they can’t pull a generator out of a lead room big enough to run some pumps. Something is not computing with my brain. Somebody tell me “Elementary dear Manglz, you missed this point right here”. I’ve been wrong before. I would have no problem being wrong some more. Every time I see this it still doesn’t make sense.


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