2 comments on “doodlebugs

  1. Indeed, Amen. As long as there are chains of debt slavery, the moral righteous man doesn’t own anything anymore. The system is designed against it. Preparing for uncertainty has almost been phased and priced out of existence. In the event of a crisis, very few people have a big enough nest egg to make it through 3 months of unemployment, let alone a health crisis lasting as long, and miss three payments, and what we think are assets and necessities get repossessed. When we look at this perspective of having to gather up arms leave the homestead, behind the banks will greedily strip you of everything once payments are missed. How can not be afford a war while greedy bankers rub their paws impatiently anticipating such an event. This will be a large part of our side, and both sides showing up. The Social justice socialism agitators run into the first couple hardships will be thinking of the warmth of mom’s basement, and safe spaces at the receiving be their first loss, or but kicking. Their morale looks great when they are enjoying numbers, and picking on females, but attacking a line of males that don’t seem to waiver just doesn’t seem to happen


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