4 comments on “< 18 years

  1. Dadgummit!! All this time I was hoping the party started in 48, not 67. That means I will be 77. That grates my craw!! That means I may have to start thinking about a red dot, fat reticles or something more. I can’t afford ammunition now I gotta start thinking about different optics!! Sigh! The way my eyes are getting nuked now metal sights will be out of the question.
    Oh wait, the UN already has an open invitation to come on American Soil, thanks to “o”!! (that is obommy, for those that don’t recognize little o). The UN is a nefarious organization that conglomerated with Lucifer’s Trust over 100 years ago. Yeah satanists, luciferians, that ilk. Does anyone think this migrant invasion might be orchestrated by them. Me too! They said last week we should be welcoming, with open arms. We are going to have a very unhappy election results next week in time to stop an invading army, in time for armed Texans at the border, in time for paid antifa insurrection to hit the cities!! If you aren’t armed yet, are you thinking about it. Plenty of bullets?? Checked the sights? There a bunch of f dumbunnies out there been screaming for a war on white people, if you don’t believe me turn on CNN for a day or two.
    Keep your powder dry, and your steel sharp folks the UN is itching to tick us off good this time just so they can save us. If you believe in JESUS, you have already been designated a terrorist. Love your neighbor, but you might have to bust a cap to save them.


  2. Just read UN IS passing out bank cards to illegals in caravans!! Texans already volunteering to back up bad military, and Trump saying force will be used.


    • this has been kicked down the road for 30 years. the UN is attempting to open migration routes into the US like they did to Europe.
      Unfortunately, if we don’t stop it now, it will never stop.


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