5 comments on ““the money has failed”

  1. OK OK I gotta know. Did you just read that part lately, or did you remember the part about the money right off. I remember reading it, but the money part went over my head. The speller on this phone makes me spend more time correcting than typing. That puts in perspective exactly what a currency reset will look like doesn’t it. I was glad to see you found Daisy Luther’s article on FB alternatives. I found her at alt-market.com highimpactflix has some really good videos this week. I am able to catch some vids with this phone, and have seen several good ones. Been catching up on Black Pigeon, and high impact. Antifa shenanigans, and others. My phone made me correct fb five times. Does that sound like censorship??
    Well done this week, and Omegashock wouldn’t take my comment. Give a try, John is getting the bugs out but he mighta missed one


    • I did an intensive study of the Bible- front to back, pondered, took notes- starting about 5 years ago and it took about 2 years for me to complete it. (As soon as it was done, I wanted to do it again, but then decided to do a normal daily reading again without notes to let everything soak in.)
      That was when I noticed that part, I had never regarded it before then either. The same thing happens over and over again- Rome, Spain, the Weimar Republic, Venezuela.
      Next/this time its gonna be global again. Have you ever read anything regarding the fourth turning?
      thanks for the compliment mangledman.
      thanks for commenting and sharing your info


  2. I just had a big ole comment mentioning a few tender subjects, was staring at the phone contemplating a finale, and poof!! Google just threw up their page and it was gone! I touched nothing! That was a first indeed!! Now I see how bad censorship is.


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