2 comments on “they don’t want it!

  1. Thus Esau despised his birthright. This is hard to grasp. Despised seems a bit harsh, but alas, it is written. How does one not care enough not to give away future possession. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone (somebody oughta write a song). I guess if you despise something, or don’t care enough about it to want to keep it, it can slip right through your fingers. We are heading into rough waters, and the ones of us that care enough better start waking up some body.
    We need to start hitting the hard topics with hard questions. “We need socialism”! Okay,.Who is going be in charge. What if you don’t like like them, can you say it out loud?? Siberia? Firing squad? How as about Monsanto being in charge? Bayer? Merck? Some people want to eliminate 90% of the world population. Let’s put them in charge. You think this protest is OK? Who is Financing it? Do you know he financed this? What did it do for them?
    If we don’t start waking people up to the idea of the CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, where they have the rights of the King, they will be led to give it away, and the they have no clue what they gave away until it is gone


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