3 comments on “signs of the times

  1. Signs of the times. Sigh!!! If any have eyes to see, and ears to hear!! We don’t see or hear it ALL, but what we acknowledge is scary to say the least. EVIL is winning. Many shall come in m yu VB name: we have thevRoman Catholic Church bringing the most vile and evil acts upon their congregations, and the outrage against these foul priestshis missing. none of them are hanging from lampposts. Responsible for war and death through the ages, all that wealth while people starve. I have even read that Islam was their creation. All in the name of CHRIST, to steer people away from him.
    We have famines throughout the world with more to come. Most of them arranged through some higher source that finances the most evil varmints in the area to instigate the process for money. Then we have the CIA, with tons of money secretly overthrowing decent functional governments promoting anarchy, and. Creating chaos that creates starving populations. Then we bring in NATO, or the US military to promote democracy and spread freedom and killing terrorists, to Leave bombed out infrastructure and famine in the wake. If I believe in supporting protecting and defending the CONSTITUTION, and the military, does that mean I believe in ARAB SPRINGS, drone operations with civilian casualties, and 150 plus military base bases scattered about the world??? Rogue nations??
    Does anyone wonder why the TRUTH is missing from the world today? The snitch mentality came in hard and fast with that lovely war on drugs. Then we have RICO Statutes where a stupid mistake by a kid, can get them more jailtime than multiple homicides. If that isn’t wonderful enough, to prevent child abuse, known felons cat Rat on anyone anonymously with no repercussion for making false claims. Remember “see something, say something”? Will it be any wonder why kids Rat out parents, and vice versa over beliefss, not now add a reward. Sigh!! I forgot to address other reasons for FAMINE THROUGHOUT THE LAND! Oh well maybe later


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