5 comments on “Omega Shock

  1. I already did a comment, and my phone ate it. I think I found big bro hiding in my phone already.
    Mr. Little is a fellow Christian, that is one of the sharpest on Bible knowledge that I have found. I have learned dozens of things being an Omega shock reader, and been recommending his website since I discovered it. He has oodles of followers from all over the world, and if you were ever looking for a website filled with good practicing Christian people, this just might be the site for you. He is even respectful to trolls, and if your Bible knowledge is off in a comment he will try humbly to help you correct your error. Blasphemy is jumped on with both feet, and it is quite a sight when someone riles him. Getting the best Bible wrong is most unacceptable, and be is treated as such. I have been watching him like a hawk for years, and when it comes to the Bible, I haven’t caught one mistake. (That is when I jump in with both feet) He covers a ton of information from around the world, pertinent to GOD’S children from sources he deems reliable. This site is not for the weak at heart, if you enjoy being a blissfully ignorant sheep, you will probbably be shaken awake. The comment section provides opinions from all over the world.


  2. John Little continually deletes my replies because he doesn’t want his blunders exposed. He’s a judgmental coward who’s notorious for taking things out of context. He deletes messages rather than confronts a challenge. He has a death wish for America and is bent on condemning people.


    • I’m sorry to hear that (about the messages and replies) and surprised as well. I have never had that problem myself.
      He does have a level of negativity about America that is beyond most. That stems from realism coupled with not actually living here in my opinion.
      Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it.


      • And thank you too for replying. I actually agree with him somewhat about America, but he tends to exaggerate his numbers and stats. On one blog he said that 90% of the world’s opiates and 90% of the world’s porn comes from America. Both numbers are way off. On another blog he tried to say Christians are going to be judged for their sin. The verse he quoted from 2 Peter was taken completely out of context. He deleted that reply too.


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