4 comments on “GOSNELL: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

  1. I am wondering did he get jailtime or is he going on tour with hillary. Would it be the genocide infanticide tour?? Funny, I had never heard of this until this week. I think I need to write about my obommy Commie phone. Talk about censorship. This is bizarre. I type in web address, and I got the search page about it being fake news. Took me 5 attempts, and the articles wouldn’t open. I wonder is it me, or is my phone working for Google.


  2. Dcclothesline.com
    My internet quit on my obammy commie phone after reading your 5g article today, and ain’t coming back yet


  3. I have to fight with the speller thing, the spacebar keeps telling me I am hitting letters, and throwing two capital letters in, and does more crazy stuff when I am fixing it.


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