3 comments on “a tadpole’s prayer

  1. Now I think that is wonderful. If that doesn’t wake any sleeping commenters, I am gonna start to worry. This is just downright cute. The good man considers the life of his beast. Compassion!! Your wife mighta tittered, or give you a hard time, but men of compassion are men indeed. Where would we be if our heavenly Father showed no compassion on us. Being so much mightier than we are, where would we be if there were no Love or compassion for us. Understanding our condition, we can understand the plight of the tadpole indulging in one last game of tag before the water is gone, or one last dicth effort to attract attention bto our dilemma. Bondo to the rescue!!


  2. Myself being someone who has killed butchered, skinned a lot of creatures over this lifetime, it is possible to dispatch something with compassion. Just because I will be eating it later is no reason to make anything suffer. Stop and consider the end for a few tadpoles, and the suffering that lay ahead for them creating the opportunity for them to grow into little froggies, probably wasn’t that costly. Rewarding to say the least. It reinforces that we are human, and reinforces our humanity. I have a kinda short fuse for people that cause unnecessary suffering. I know a few people who have probably earned it, but if I lost to the hunt or the snare, dispatch me with proper dignit. One of the most ominous feelings is trying to harvest or dispatch an animal, and not do it properly is a feeling that doesn’t go away. Nice little story.


    • Thanks for your comment sir.
      I eat chicken and beef and I know where it comes from. We lived in the country for most of my upbringing and I too harvested animals. Never enjoyed it but yes, as quickly and humanely as possible. There is a big difference between that and animal abuse. There is a big difference between hunting for outdoors and survival skills, to learn how to live off the land and people who just like killing stuff.
      If you don’t respect the life, you direspect the giver of that life.


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