4 comments on ““I will go”

  1. Wonderful, most excellent!! This theme plays out time and again all through the BIBLE. the FAITH of all the players is beauty to behold. The servant put his faith in GOD and his prayer to behold Rebecca coming. Her, her family, and no one put up any static, because they all seemed to recognize GOD’S hand in all of it, and it was a done deal. Faith that GOD can and will deliver when truly needed is the hallmark of it all.
    When David as a lad got close enough to hear Goliath running his mouth, knew that GOD wouldnot let this blasphemy go on, said “send me”, “I WILL GO” and he did and his FAITH was there for all to see.
    It made me think of Jonah, and his rebellion. GOD told him to go preach to the Ninevites, so they could repent and be saved, but Jonah did not want that outcome for them, and went the opposite way. We know how that one turned out. When GOD calls, or makes it obvious where to next, we need to pull up our bootstraps and get with the program, because rebellion is not an option.
    Excellent post!!


  2. I love this story – it is the earliest full picture of God’s redemptive plan. The Father sacrifices the willing Son, which is immediately followed by the proclamation of the birth of the Bride and then the sending of the Servant to retrieve the bride and bring her to the bridegroom. It ends with a consummation. A glorious depiction of the roles played by each member of the Godhead in the plan of redemption.


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