2 comments on “you

  1. Me, Moi. self!! This imo one of the greatest areas where GOD seems to show off his sense of humor. It shows off his creativity, forgiveness, and the uniqueness of his plans. Learning who we are is one of the fundamentals of HIS plans for us. We have been given this wonderful journey, where one of the hardest things about it is learning who we are. The absolutest most difficult part is accepting who we are, once we come to a reasonable understanding of who we REALLY are. (Sense of humor). He LOVES and accepts us, (Sin included) I don’t even like me most days , and GOD loves me just like this. The fun part about all this, is the fact That being his, we are on this journey looking always for the TRUTH!! The scary part is life is pointing out just how selfish, self-serving, greedy, envious, jealous, stubborn, lazy, and when these Truths come to light, then we get to shine that light on the darkness within.
    Now that we are trying to come up with proper self-examination we learn all those attributes we thought we had, we learn those attributes mean nothing. Does GOD care if we are tall, short, fat,skinny, black, white, pink, blue, or whatever. Sheep, nothing else. HE doesn’t care if we think we are a good person or not. GOD’S standards reveal we are probably far from it. None of those cute little attributes does anything for myself, or anyone else for that matter. The only thing that I can offer my fellow sinners, is myself, the sinner in me. What have I to offer??..the TRUTH, and the TRUTH of what my sin has cost me. That is where that verse comes in that says my strength is made perfect through weakness. (I still haven’t figured why I don’t look like CONAN THE BARBARIAN, with all these strengths). SIGH!! Since all this strength comes from weakness I must have been a dirty, filthy, disgusting, ,deplorable sinner. Yup filthy rags, but through it all I leftmost of that person way back there somewhere. Most people do not understand that if they find something helpful, the school of hardknocks knows my attendance well. REJOICE


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