2 comments on “Treason most high: Clinton’s still in bed with China

  1. Yup, remember when we only owed 3 trillion, and she was grinning and shaking hands with Chinese leader way back then. Did anyone ever say what was discussed. Are we ever going to see any charges filed?? Will the statute of limitations run out on benghazi. Is there a statute of limitations in TREASON?? Remember big Bush saying “If the American people ever found out what we’re up to, we’d all being hanging from lampposts by nightfall”. The madness and corruption continues, and all we can do is try to get others to see it too.
    Well done!!


    • the lawlessness is so diffuse, I would say there is about a 20% chance.
      I think it was signaled they are willing to throw Comey and Strzok over board just for show. Maybe Brennan. I don’t really see anybody else of note going down.
      It was a good article. I reposted it from Daily Caller via Zerohedge.


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