4 comments on “Bondo’s News of the Week- In Links 8-18-18

  1. Drought stricken Lake Mead. Where is the outrage, bring on the pitchforks. I still don’t understand how so few people look into weather warfare. We didn’t hear about the Texas drought for many years (7) so when it finally gets a little coverage they start telling us California was under severe drought too. North Dakota brags that they have been manipulating weather for good crops, and adequate rainfall. Then there was Oroville dam problem, and just when we thought it was almost crisis averted. I watch this YouTube vid, where they started in Hawaii pumping steam into atmosphere, and three more spouts just like it coming up out of the middle of the ocean making huge cloud formation that dumped 42 more inches of rain. The dam still held. We can find out these things happen, and a month later, it’s like they don’t exist. They have been able to make rain since the 1930s.


  2. There was a report in 1978, using weather as a weapon from one of the service branches, astronomical amount of pages, for congress to look over.


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