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  1. Sifting through the horror that happens day by day, with the introduction of more madness tomorrow. Personally, I think AJ is just more of the controlled opposition. I don’t think for one second that algorithms haven’t been searched for tipping points, breaking points, and outright dissent and outrage will kick in. Do you or I think volunteers can’t man the border effectively? How about safe cities, or Chicago crime?? Did you know that gov’t housing projects have been safe zones for years? If you lay a hand on your disobedient child, they will sick big bro on you. Is it any wonder why these places are lawless. This madness was birthed before I came along almost 60 years ago. I mean think about it AJ does some controversial stuff, but one wrong move and he would be the next suicide victim, shot 5 times. Kabuki theatre anyone. Mama always said, ” When something looks too good to be true”. “Pay Close *attention”. Who will boycott anybody, or anything! Is Tomorrow just another day, business as usual. If no one can smell smoke from the kitchen by now, how high will the flames need to be. If AJ stays off the waves forever, make any guesses about where his group will go? Herded like SHEEP comes to my mind. While everyone is outraged over AJ, who is the distraction, him or the children of France that no longer need age of CONSENT. BEWARE THE HIDDEN HAND

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    • I don’t sheeple to anyone. I visit Infowars because they are more reliable than most. I can’t speak for anyone else, I personally don’t know anyone who ever talks about Alex Jones. I suspect there will be many to follow like Ron Paul, Tommy Robinson, and Project Veritas are probably next and then on and on. Louis Farrakhan, Antifa, and Kill Trump will remain.
      They can ban whoever they want because they are big tech and ‘it is their company’. The same standards don’t apply to a small town religious baker if you know what I mean.


  2. Amen and amen! I like Alex Jones, he hasn’t been Brietbarted yet. It’s like there are all these little litmus tests on everything. Imagine an across the board boycott, and what that might do to the planners plans. He might even be back up and running next week, who knows. I really noticed this with Trumpmania. I mean why wouldn’t the guy win, his platform was common sense that had been missing for decades. The media acted like it was a snowball’s chance. Then came the recount, and Michigan had 37% of the district’s with more votes than voters, and they were all not for the Donald. That sounds like a major landslide that would never see the light of day. We never heard Jill Steins name for months, after total silence for a week it became them Russians.


    • Alex could be a complete fake who is setting everybody else up. That is almost as likely. I admit I’m not completely sure with him.
      But so far, I find his site to be fairly reliable. I have plenty of concerns with him personally, believe me.


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