4 comments on “Nephilim, Inc.

    • Thanks for commenting Truth Channel. I am going to check out your site when I get a chance.
      I don’t have a problem with authenticity so to speak. I know there are archaelogical Enoch going way back.
      I have a problem with the content.
      What would you say the theme of Enoch is? What is the message?
      Thanks again for reading


      • The theme is Eschatological but from a perspective of the interference of the Watchers recorded in Gen 6. There are around 200 parallel Scriptures in I Enoch and the Old Testament and New Testament texts but the thing that I find the most compelling about the I Book of Enoch is that it contains a Messianic prophecy which appears to be the first. Enoch is taken up to heaven and the thing I find interesting is that he looks around the throne of God and sees the creatures and the Seraphim and Cherubim and sees no other beings like himself and then a man steps out of God and stands before the court and Enoch drops to his knees and begins to worship God after the angel tell Enoch that not even the angels know this mans name and the He is only known as the Son of Righteousness and its obvious the angel doesnt understand what that means. This is also the first reference to the Mystery of the Church Paul speaks of. The entire thrust of the I Book of Enoch is the Judgement of the angels
        and mankind, the subsequent reign of Christ and then the New Heavens and New Earth. The II and III books of Enoch as they are known online ARE fakes. They are NOT authentic. They were written by unknown authors between the 7th and 15th centuries. We know that because the language is wrong, the dialect is wrong and the framing of the verses does not fit the period work that I Book of Enoch belongs to which also correlates to the verse framing of Job and really old Sumerian texts from the same area at about the same time. Ill also say Im not a fan of Steve Quayle at all. So, I did not say that taking up for him personally. When I first heard about the I book of Enoch I was skeptical and refused to even look at and after 3 years I was compelled to read it. It made so many references in the Old and New Testaments actually make sense. It blew me away how clear it made things. I moved directly to the II Book of Enoch and half – way through the first chapter I put it down because I knew something was off. So I went to the III book of ENoch and the same thing happened. Later I did some research and found out why that was. Those books are known to be forgeries.


      • I really appreciate your answer and the time it took. I will have to look at 1 again.
        I haven’t really looked at it in 3 or 4 years which is an eternity for me.
        Do you have any posts/videos on your site that you recommend on this topic?


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