8 comments on “My name is Bondo, and I am an alcoholic

  1. Congrats, I know it means a lot to your family, but most of all you. I was raised by two functioning alcoholic parents. My father made good money & never missed a day’s work. My mother was a stay @ home mom. We dreaded the weekends. The drinking that turned them into people we didn’t know. The physical fighting, a nightmare. Nobody knew what went on behind the doors of that beautiful new home. I was envied because we had horses, ponies, all kinds of pet animals & lived on 55 acres. I am the eldest of 7 children. You learn to compartmentalize. When I did try to tell a friend, she laughed & thought I was joking. My mother quit drinking @ she 42 when she joined church. My father died @ age 52 in a motor vehicle accident while coming home from work. I shun people that need alcohol to have a good time, too many bad memories. Your children still have you around, plus the benefit of a good wife. Hang in there you can do it & help others in the meantime. God Bless.


  2. You know, if I wander around enough, I do find a place to stick my nose. I was counseling AA folks 28 years ago this month, when I met my wife. I had about 5 years sobriety in, and went on to get 15, 16 years in without touching a drop. I had over 20 years working the program. I believed wholeheartedly that I could never touch another drop as long as I lived, I just could never find anything in my BIBLE to back it up. Drunkenness, Sex, Drugs, Work, money, and a whole host of other things, became items of worship ahead of who I called on to pick me up from the mud, out of the fire, an back from the Cliff. I can explain just how bad I had it, or how stupid I was, and we could agree, YES!! I was a drunk, and good at. The TRUTH, never left me, and pummeled the crap out of me perfectly. I have found, the reason AA works is that it takes people who have spent their lives lying to themselves and spoonfeeds them little bits of the truth. Jesus is TRUTH. How can this not work.


    • Because we humans are good @ denial. Too many churches churches, including the one we just left, say it is ok to to drink in moderation. Anytime you feel a buzz, you have crossed the line. That is why people drink, to feel a buzz. Our Pastor bragged that he loved his beer, that he loved coming home from seminary school & drinking with his father. The Pastor’s wife said there was nothing wrong in sharing a glass of wine 🍷 with a sinner & witnessing to them. Our Sunday School class in get togethers texted: BYOB, personally I like wine! We were aghast! This was the Methodist Church! I told my husband that We could never invite anyone there, against common sense. My husband @ I were both raised in alcoholic homes, but church & God’s Word taught us better. Hang onto God’s Word & you won’t go wrong! God Bless you & your family. Prayerfully, JoAnn


      • churches have changed alot, thats for sure. not for the better I’m afraid. They don’t understand that they don’t need to modernize their message to get people back- people left because they modernized their messages and people weren’t hearing simple truth anymore.
        thanks for telling us about that joann


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